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The bushes.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hello. Okeyy. Have been ages since I didn't make any entry for this month. This is the first yaw ! :D I'm gonna to let the whole things that fall on my shoulders. Exams, competitions, friends, camps, family. And it's make me fell like I'm carrying 30 tan of burdens on my own shoulders. It makes me feel tired ! Astaghfirullahalazim. I did not want to sigh here and there. But, I just wanna story so that my burden will get lower and lighter. :')

Firstly, about the exam. Yeahh ! Last week, I've just ended my first exam in the year 2013. And, it was not too complicated. But, the way my friends got their results, it makes my confidence's level become 0%. Ohh. I just thought about my Prinsip Perakaunan paper. I couldn't finished it on time ! And my kotak persamaan not balance okayy. Oh dear. I need tuisyen. :/ Targets? Arabic, Malay, and Math Mod. AddMath? 50-50. Ohhh. Please my dearest readers, do pray for my result. :'D

Competitions. Okayy. For this year, I'm frankly said that this year, I was not too active. :/ Only joined 3 activities. Making a blog for BM, Making a blog for BI, and debate. Okayy. Blog(s) done already. But debate? It's supposed to be today. But the opponent group wanted to delay our program because of their reasons. At first, I was like "What?!" At last, "ohh. it's okay lah. pity them, didn't have enough members."

Friends. Ohh. For sure lah, I want to talk about my dearest friend, right? Yeah. You already know lah ! Haha. lol. Iffah, I missed you. Have been more than 3 months we're not in the same school. Ohh, inshaAllah we can bear this, right? :') Iffah, why didn't you call me this week huh? Nak kena belasah ke apaa? Problems  between me, ryna, putri, syasya? No lah. We're buddies, never apart. :'D Ohh. I just remembered that Putri asked to make a T-shirt for us. Yeayy ! But, it was not free of charge. We have to pay it. lol. Do I care? Wee. :D

Camps? Okayy. This years, I am too excited of joining camp. Here and there. Money? Do I care? Dad, do pay that ! Hahahaha. *evil's laugh* But seriously, since this year, I think, I loved to join the camps because, first, nex year I have to do that King Scout and second, I was be-ing to kind with the Kelana(s) there. Haha. I will laugh if I remembered about them. They're too funny okeyy.

Family? No problem about them. Only 1 think, my parents gonna have a vacation at Beijing. Second honeymoon katanyaa. :P Haha. What about me? Ohh. It's okayy. I have 2 camps when my parents at Beijing. weee~ :D

Okeyy. That's all. This entry was quiet long right? Haha. I'm sorry readers. But thanks to you because you're willing to read this entry. *touched* lol. I think, I have to pen off first. Pen merah pen biru, you marah I love you. lol. all of sudden ! Hahaha. This blog didn't have any bushes anymore after you're reading this entry. Thanks for reading. Byebye.

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