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Koku time.. ! The best ever.. !
Saturday, July 21, 2012 | 0 comments
Hey guys ! Agak2 bulan nih, baru 2 kali aku buat entry, and this is the 2nd one.. :D Dah lah, tak mau cakap banyak, nak upload gmbr ! Tengoklah puan2 yee. :D

.:: My Dad, after tired sell the burger. Eating nasi dagang ! ::.

 .:: Budak p0y0 nih mmg suke berlakon. Tapi, series mmg aku tgh bace ::.

.:: There's a boy said, "Kau nak makan kucing tu ke?" Kepala hokmu. ::.

.:: I'm a chef, and this is my PA, Nur Iffah ::.

.:: Haisyh ! Susah lah jadi feymes nih. #with my junior ::.

.:: Again, with my junior. ::.

.:: With my little sis, she is quite shy, right? ::.

 .:: Yeah ! I love this pic ! ::.

And lastly, nak tunjuk kat korang, buddies aku ! 

.:: I love you girls ! Candidate 9A's PMR ::.

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